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In the framework of this project in the Wintersemester 2022/23 various workshops take place

Coming close(r): copying, imitating, appropriating movement
Workshop and presentation by Britta Wirthmüller  

This workshop combines physical exploration, discussion and writing exercises. We will examine the possibilities and impossibilities of adopting and “owning” movement and will take a closer look at notions of copying, imitation, appropriation, passing and other modes of “coming close(r)” to a specific physicality. As part of this workshop I will give insight into my artistic work with physical appropriation and body archives, mainly the projects “9½ minutes dancing dying” (2016) and “Try Leather” (2021).


CARE, WORK,  PLAY – Feminist Histories as intergenerational Practice, and Collective Autotheory
Workshops and presentations by Magdalena Kallenberger

One of the goals of the American Feminist Art Movement of the 1970s was to establish a matrilineage of women in art history that would provide an alternative to the established canon of male artists. Artists like Miriam Schapiro symbolically “collaborated” with her artistic foremothers in a series of paintings that appropriated and built upon the art of past women* while contemporary artists like MATERNAL FANTASIES collective make varied and indirect references to their maternal predecessors. 

Based on creative methods developed by MATERNAL FANTASIES collective, the workshop we will look at various examples, echoes and hauntings of “ancestors” rather than direct lines of descent. We will use performative exercises and creative writing to access feminist histories as an intergenerational practice and discourse. In a second step, we will develop a Speculative Encounter with one of our self-chosen ancestors.


From Improvisation to composition
Exercises by Javier Blanco

The aim of the workshop is to develop conceptual and aesthetic ideas with the body. The group training will be based on various body techniques such as contact, release, flying low, yoga, among others. Applying these tools, the group is encouraged to build movement compositions collaboratively through various improvisation exercises.


Performative Memory Culture
laboratory by Laia Rica

What (de)colonial heritage is hidden in objects, materials, and everyday products? In the lab, we will work performatively with different materials and examine them in different different states performatively. We will tell autobiographical stories and find stories in the materials. In the relationship with and materials, we will explore the practice of collecting and exhibiting objects. of objects. The concept of colonial continuities will be used as a perspective on historical events in relation with personal, structural privileges will be examined.