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The main idea of this interactive presentation game was to develop instructional performances around cardboard leftovers from the company Boconcept that have their storage below our classrooms at Salzufer 13.

That’s how the game works: Each participant prepares one or more tasks for the other participants, engaging them in a performative action. This could be for instance: ‘put on this costume and do a small choreography’,  ‘assist me with my soundpiece using cardboard trash’, ‘make this puzzle’, ‘all classmembers should try to fit into this number plate’ or ‘everyone go to this side of the room to walk around my sculpture’.

You can take part in the game by contributing one or more tasks. This can involve anything from a small action to an elaborate performance piece or an artwork you want to show. We will use a huge dice and we throw one after the other and by coming on a new plate, everyone will in this way be confronted with the different instructional performances.

Choose the number(s) you would like to create a task for on our doc. You can take the amount of numbers depending on your ideas.