In the class for Performance & Time Based Media, now at the University of the Arts, Berlin, formerly at the Artschool in the University of Kassel, various performative strategies in the context of the visual arts are taught, explored, discussed, and practiced by all participants. Art is not created in a vacuum, so as a part of the artistic training, we try to understand and do research about societal and cultural topics, attend readings and screenings, workshops, invite guests from different backgrounds of work, take part in excursions, exhibition visits, present our own works and produce portfolios and/or publications. Each semester is characterized by a thematic focus. We assume that independent work and simultaneously work on (class) projects are possible if not beneficial for both discourses. The critical questioning of reality with a focus on the construction of identity in social frames and cultural history is always an important parameter in the content program of this class.

Hardenbergstraße 33, Raum 205, 251
Salzufer 14 – 15, 10587 Berlin
OG (3d floor), Aufgang (use entrance of) ’Active Sports’

Mathilde ter Heijne

Studentische Hilfskraft
Anastasia Putsykina

Lehrbeautragte Berlin
Hans Jurgen Haffner (WS2019)
Christoph Balzar (SS2019/WS2020)
Diana Arce (WS2020)
Yuko Matsuyama (SS2020)
Dafna Maimon (SS2020)
Fanni Halmburger/member of the collective She She Pop (WS20/21)
Sebastian Bark/member of the collective She She Pop (WS20/21)
Laia RiCa (SS21)
Gregor Kasper &Chih – Musquiqui Chihying (WS 21/22)
Ania Nowak (SS22)
Arlette-Louise Nkoze (SS22)
Javier Blanco (WS22/23)
Laia RiCa (WS22/23)
Leil Zahra Mortada (SS23)

Ehemalige künstlerische Mitarbeiterin Kassel
Tanja Schomaker