Exchange program with the performance class, Art School in the University Kassel of Mounira Al Solh, excursion to documenta 15

Inspired a.o. by artist and writer Etel Adnan, but also by post-colonial thinkers such as Glissant, Spivak, and Fanon, the two performances classes opened up and students connected with their shared interest in performative formats. For her weavings, writings, and poetry the artist Etel Adnan referred to her own past as migrant, inter-weaving her different identities, using tangible and non-tangible materials that gave her inspiration: the sun and the mountains around her, her everyday life, and her involvement with the planet, wars and daily news, whist also being able to work with abstraction. The use of textiles as common source material for all participants functioned as an open communal starting point and was the focus of 2 workshops by artist, and choreographer Ania Nowak.

(Stop motion video made by Birka Steinmetz during the workshop by Ania Nowak)