As part of a’21 amberNetworkFestival, a collaborative lecture-performance was developed by the instructors and students of Science, Technology, Society (STS) MA program in Istanbul Technical University (ITU) and University of the Arts Berlin (UDK) in March and May 2021.
In the first part, departing from the communication of science and technology studies, ITU STS students made a group presentation in which they provided a conceptual insight about the public (mis)understanding of vaccines in Turkey. Focusing on the production of disinformation especially in social media, ITU STS students revealed their research findings entitled as follows:Dissemination of Disinformation in Times of Pandemic – Cansu Çobanoğlu A Technofeminist Perspective to Vaccine Hesitancy – Didem Ermiş Anti-Vaxxer Radical Islamists as a Relevant Social Group – İsmail Yiğit Disinformation as an Entertainment Source – Vezire ipek Pişkin Among health politics and the manipulations of popular doctors – Şeyda Aslandoğan Temel Conceptual Models of Public Understanding of Science – Gözde Sevimli How media used disinformation as a marketing tool during the vaccine development process – Atilla KılınçParticipants Science, Technology, Society (STS) MA Program, Istanbul Technical University Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Ebru Yetiskin / amberplatform curator STS Students: Şeyda Aslandoğan Temel, Didem Ermiş, Gözde Sevimli, İsmail Yiğit, Atilla Kılınç, Cansu Çobanoğlu, Vezire İpek Pişkin
In the second part, a few students from the Time Based Media and Performance class of the UdK Berlin came up with a collaborative performance project called “Post Digital Enlightenment”, an opinion poll designed to reflect and dismantle how the group’s opinions are shaped in pandemic times, how polarization in opinions might be influenced by pandemic lifestyles and finally how this might change our perception on Post-Covid life.Participants Klasse ter Heijne, Performance and Time-based Media, University of the Arts Berlin Advisor: Mathilde ter Heijne, Milena Bühring Students: Charlotte Seebeck, Laura Carvalho, Samet Durgun, Klara Kirsch, Milena Bühring