Energy Taking Form, Video, 2021 Soul Still Life, Ongoing Project, 2021

“I”, Talk About “Her”

In the progress of the work of Xiaoer Liu, she is committed to meet a suitable combination of form and content, while at the same time ensuring that she express her original intention. She uses Videos, performances, drawings and paintings, small installations, sound as her media, she writes a diary with an illustration nearly every day. The source of inspiration for her works often came from some triggering phenomenon around her daily life, “philosophical meaning behind the surface” has been always a question in her being. With the ongoing process of understanding one’s own trauma, extended to social problems, analytical research of common but invisible issues, she tries to build an interdisciplinary link between artistic works and psychological anatomy. Xiaoer’s work can be seen both as a reflection, a revelation or an irony of the society and at the same time as a reflection, an exposure, or irony of oneself.