25 Cents to Fall in Love 2018 - Ongoing / Performance, installation + object: Wood, engraved steel locks, handmade books, brass-covered steel chains, piggy bank, felt, acrylic paint, candy Endless Love,2011 - Ongoing / Collection: 1,023 hand-cut postcards from discarded frozen pizza boxes Cloud 8 In progress / Single-channel video: 13:00  Primary source footage of a private conspiracy theory: A stranger struggles with a growing sense of responsibility; Lonely hunters perambulate Jerusalem; The quiet Beatle looms large. Undergarments of Destiny

In 25 Cents to Fall in Love I offer myself as an object of affection to passersby; For twenty-five cents, we progress through a series of 36 questions designed by relationship scientists to generate intimacy. For every individual who starts the interview with me, I have a ‘Liebesschloß ‘made with our names to commemorate the occasion. I also advertise on local online dating sites.

In my artistic projects, I incorporate experiences, knowledge and research methods from my previous practice as a social worker. The terms “care” and “emotional labor” seem to have little to do with an artistic practice but play a central role in my work.

I utilize diverse strategies to collect the evidence of emotional relationships and connect them visually: Sculpturally accompanied performances analzye proximity and distance, while installations and videos bring familial constellations and internalized maps to the surface. My paper works function like meta-messages to show cumulative effects of daily maintenance.