Hi my name is Lotti

My work circles around people & trees mostly as social practice taking shape in community improvisation with costume, dance, common spaces and herbal species with strong focus on intersectional queer feminism and ecology.

I am super keen on a closer examination of Eurydike’s story & agency in the Eurpheus myth. Eurydike is a tree nymph, who are said to have a symbiotic relationship with their tree and live as long as the tree does (if one is damaged, the other one will suffer) So what did it mean for Eurpheus to marry a woman (or rather: nymph) who was already in such a profound relationship with a tree? Who else was Eurydike for real looking beyond the trophy wife image created by Eurpheus? What happened to her tree after Eurydike entered the underworld? Maybe she didn’t wanna go back knowing that her terrestrial tree would not be there anymore? So much to explore.