Oppositionsblatt, 2020, found video footage Composition for multiple exposure, 2019, print from analog film Spaces and movements on both sides of a glass screen, 2019, print from analog film Composition for blurred vision, 2019, print from analog film Rohe Worte, a collection of poems, 2020, printed Zine

Anastasia Putsykina is a Berlin based artist and an art student at UdK. She engages in aesthetic research by working on documentary films and multimedia artwork. She learns and applies analog and digital languages to express her creativity in forms of spoken and written word, photography and drawing.

Her most recent work, “Oppositionsblatt” (2020), is a found video collage that displays a critical library “Umweltbibliothek” and the community that was formed around it in the late 80’s in East Germany. “Oppositionsblatt” includes footage from live drawing sessions narrated by spoken word on perception.