Aimilia Eft, GymFactory, 2016, digital collages

as people have the responsibility of their own health, and the gym is a place of personal upkeep, more and more people tend to go there. From the moment that they enter this place, the bodies start to move together, as they all follow the same instructions. Similar to the outdoors activity, the emphasis in the gym is on the movement but on a much more intensive and collective scale.
The workout studios function as a kind of factory. You have a uniform, machines that help you produce the result you want, and all the people’s moves are defined from the beginning till the end as they have to follow a specific process. The difference is that the product that is being produced is not an object but their own body.
In this collection of processed photos the monotony and the process of repetition became visible. Reformed and strongly involved to each other bodies produce images that the collectiveness and automatic process replace the individual way of movement.